Third Annual Art Award - More diverse than ever!

The third annual Sanderson Alliance art show was a great success with contributions from students at Sanderson Middle School, Malak, Anula and Wulagi primary schools.

Our celebration and exhibition opening was attended by an amazing group of families that make up our amazing multicultural community. There was a marked increase in the number of entries from community members and organisations other than schools. About 70 people crowded under the marquee for the prize giving ceremony. 

The art show promotes that child abuse and family violence is preventable and that we all have a role in supporting the well being of all children as friends, neighbours and bystanders. The art is also part of social and emotional learning for students.

Thanks to all the students for their beautiful artworks celebrating the theme Kind and Brave.

Special thanks to Meron from National Association of Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) for her inspiring talk. Meron highlighted the need for everyone in our community to support each other and help look after our kids.

Thanks also to Kate Worden, Naree Ah Kit and Justine Glover for their support of this event.

Thanks to everyone involved in making the third annual Kind and Brave art show a great success!