Our story

The Sanderson area has 13,179 people and 3268 families in the suburbs of Wulagi, Anula, Malak and Karama. These four suburbs make up one of the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Statistical Local Areas, which means there is plenty of local data to build a picture of the area.

Sanderson Alliance is a whole of community initiative formed to create the best life opportunities for more than 4,000 children and young people living in the Sanderson area. From its earliest days, the Alliance has been motivated by what has become its vision: a community where all our children learn and thrive.

In 2015 the government schools and a number of community organisations agreed to work together using using the Collective Impact model. The Sanderson Alliance is made up of and supported by people from families, community services, schools universities, business, philanthropists and government. Read the list of members here. 

The establishment of the group as a collective has been financially supported by the Wulagi Primary School Independent Public School initiative, the Department of Education and our philanthropic partner, Opportunity Child.

How we are working together

We use a way of working together called Collective Impact that is designed to help communities address those complex social issues that no single school, organisation or family can improve on their own. We need everyone to help create a community that is great for kids. By working together and listening to each other, we can learn new ways, be stronger and help each other better. Together we will make real positive change in our community for all our children and young people.

The Collective Impact approach is a different way of working

In the Sanderson Alliance we work with a spirit of generosity and we cooperate with the attitude that:

“All our children, are all our children”

The sanderson Alliance is working to make improvement in the lives of children and young people in the whole population of the Sanderson area. It aims to change over time in both the community and the way government and community organisations work with and for the Sanderson community.

By working to create systematic changes, we believe that the positive impact we have in our local community, will also improve the ways that children and young people are supported across the Northern Territory and Australia.

To get to know our community aspirations better, Read more

Collective Impact involves the following aspects