Community-led Action Day

You are invited to participate in an event to create some immediate actions for the wellbeing of children and young people in Malak, Karama, Anula and Wulagi.

Community-led Action Day
Wednesday 1 May, 9.00am – 4.00pm


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Third Annual Art Award - More diverse than ever!

The third annual Sanderson Alliance art show was a great success with contributions from students at Sanderson Middle School, Malak, Anula and Wulagi primary schools.

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Hear what people in Sanderson said


You are invited to come along on Friday 27 October to hear about the things people said and why. We will talk about what people have been doing in response to these conversations and explore what else our community can do to make the Sanderson area really great for all our children and young people.

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Tell us what will make school holidays more fun!


One of the aspirations that people shared with us during our month of conversations in May, was to live in a fun community where there are many activities that children, young people and adults want to engage in.

These aspirations are helping the Sanderson Alliance to prioritise the issues that we work on together as a community.

This is your chance to tell us what would make the holidays more fun for more young people. Please click here to visit our survey page.


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What kind of Community do we want to live in?

Survey Question


During May we had 600 face-to-face conversations in our community. We collected 422 responses to our survey and the results have inspired change in our community already.

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We had fun at the Community Gathering


We had fun at the Community Gathering.

We enjoyed the fabulous voices of Saraya Mauboy-Hudson and Fernades Sisters Justina and Jemima. Really if you have the opportunity to hear these young women perform again – jump at it!

Charlie King led a feedback session on the themes that came out of the Community Conversations in May. It was very useful for us to have some live responses. Thank you Charlie for your deep interest in and care for this community conversation. We are preparing a summary of people’s views with expertise from the School of Education at Charles Darwin University.  

June Mills a Larrakia elder inspired us with songs from her new children’s play ‘Witladla’. The play is about all different animals living together in a community where everyone looks out for each other and where they all work together to solve problems. A message for us adults as much as children!

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Community Gathering

During May we have been having conversations throughout Karama, Malak, Anula and Wulagi. We have spoken to well over 500 children, young people and adults and there is still a couple of days left to go!

The next part of our month of conversations is on Saturday 3rd June. Come to the FREE Community Gathering at Sanderson Middle School from 3.30pm. It will be a relaxed and friendly afternoon with lots of free fun for children and a quality BBQ. Not to mention the incredible prizes! (A family set of 3 children's bikes!!!)

It has been such a fabulous experience for all of us involved. The children really enjoyed talking about what they love about their community and what they find hard. The adults have been very thoughtful in their responses. One thing that has been really energising is that our community is so diverse, yet people say very similar things about what is really important to them, why they love this community and what they are concerned about. Come and hear the story and add your views on Saturday with Charlie King. 

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Sanderson Alliance Art Award 2017


The second annual Sanderson Alliance Art Award invited children and community members of all ages to focus on visual representations and activities that are ‘kind and brave’.

We are thrilled to have had over 100 beautiful pieces of artwork entered into the competition.

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Be part of our Community Conversations in May


The Sanderson Alliance is a Collective Impact project made up of people from schools, organisations and community members from Karama, Malak, Anula and Wulagi.

We want to help create a community where all 4000 children and young people in the Sanderson area grow into happy and healthy adults. 

We need everyone to help create a community that is great for kids. By working together and listening to each other, we can learn new ways, be stronger and help each other do better. Together we stand a chance of making real, positive change in our community to improve the lives of our kids. 

To get to know our Sanderson community better, we are starting with one simple question:

What kind of community do you want to live in?

You can send your thoughts to us in this survey. Just click here to go to the survey now. 


Community Gathering – Saturday 3 June, 3.30pm 

Come along to Sanderson Middle School for some family fun and to hear what we have heard from all of these conversations. Charlie King will be there to hold a larger community conversation. 


Hundreds of Kids Picture Positive Relationships

Hundreds of kids and adults from across the Sanderson area and beyond participated in the Inaugural Sanderson Alliance Art Awards, supported by Sanderson NAC and the Darwin Community Arts. 


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