Kind and Brave

Everyone has the right to be safe and cared for

We want all our children to understand they have a right to safe and caring relationships whilst they are children and as they grow up and form families or relationships of their own.

The quality of children’s relationships with parents, families, peers and teachers predicts their learning, psychological and social outcomes.

Many people in our community suffer the impacts of family violence.

Too many men use violence with their families.

This creates trauma for children which can affect their health, wellbeing and learning development.

Fear makes kids upset, sick and angry.

We also know that family violence is an inter-generational cycle. Children who see their family members use violence at home are more likely to grow up and use violence themselves.

We can make positive change to benefit all our children by teaching them about and surrounding them with respectful and healthy relationships, within our community.

Safe & Cared For - Children can learn from a very young age that the best relationships are respectful and responsible.

Kind - Even small acts of kindness and compassion help protect traumatised people and promote healing.

Brave - We say NO MORE to family violence.


There are many ways for you to be involved.

Come along to one of the many fun, creative and friendly events for kids to learn about and make positive relationships. Scroll through our calendar to find out about our events.

Family violence sometimes travels through generations. It can be a repeating cycle that needs a community wide response. We need to support equal, respectful relationships and support victims to help them feel strong and take action to improve their lives.

Are you kind and brave? You can help us build a community where everyone knows they have a right to be safe and cared for.

Are you hurting and afraid? You can get helpful contacts here.