Kind and Brave Mural - An artefact of collaboration takes shape

Here is the a first moment that feels momentous. It’s our first tangible product of our 100 Day Challenge Kind and Brave: Everyone has the right to be safe and cared for.



Over at Sanderson Middle School there's been great progress the mural being done in collaboration with Amina McConvell, Creative Producer Arts Access at Darwin Darwin Community Arts. Through their Asia in Darwin programAmina has organised a tour by two artists from Indonesia to Darwin and Katherine. 

The visiting artists Yunanto and Rolly are from Indonesia and have a great friendship. Yunanto has been a mentor to younger Rolly for years.

The student painters from Sanderson Middle School are having a great time and loving having their work embellished by Yunanto, Rolly and Amina.

Its an important message and an incredible achievement for so early in the Semester. Congratulations to and 'Yay!" Amina, to Liz Veel the Principal for seizing the day to make this happen and to the art teachers Linda Joy and Sonia Martignon for helping the students prepare their designs in a crazy short timeframe. Thanks also to Alex at Dawn House for helping refine our messages.

See more work from these great artists

Yunanto aka GETLUPS




Karen Cieri

Backbone Facilitator

Sanderson Alliance