Community-led Action Day

You are invited to participate in an event to create some immediate actions for the wellbeing of children and young people in Malak, Karama, Anula and Wulagi.

Community-led Action Day
Wednesday 1 May, 9.00am – 4.00pm


This workshop has already been a feat of extraordinary collaboration with contributions from 58 people, including 9 volunteers from local families, collaborating with community services, schools, universities, businesses, philanthropists and government – many have families in the Sanderson area and nearly half are Indigenous people.

Together we have been asking ourselves, “How do we work together to achieve what families want?” We know that this requires us to listen deeply and look into our cultural biases; to actively share power; and move beyond competition. We know this cannot be a theoretical question. It’s something we can only answer through practice.

At the same time many people feel a sense of urgency and purpose. To quote one of the volunteers

“You can help by sharing information and by contributing to ideas, so that WE all, as a Community can turn these ideas into action. Actions to better the lives of our children and young people but also to improve their spiritual, physical, mental and social wellbeing now, rather than later…Our Children and Young People, they are our Future and they will become a Testament to who we all are as Territorians!”

In this workshop we will clarify priorities, needs and opportunities for local families that will inform the work of all of us who have a presence in this community. These conversations will inform the implementation of various NT Government services and reforms. We will also identify some immediate and achievable actions that we can do together for 60 days.

Please come along. If you have staff with families in the Sanderson area, or if you work with young people, please support them to participate.

It is essential to RSVP. Please register through this link by 22 April.

Click here to download a flyer for the Community-led Action Day
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For more information please contact:

Karen Cieri
Backbone Facilitator
Sanderson Alliance
Wulagi Primary School
Mob: 0428 718 981