We want to help create a community where all 4000 children and young people in Karama, Malak, Anula and Wulagi grow into happy and healthy adults.

The Sanderson Alliance is made up of and supported by people from families, community services, schools, universities, business, philanthropists and government. It’s all of us - everyone working together for our children.

What kind of Community do we want to live in? 

During May 2017 we had 600 face-to-face conversations in our community. We collected 422 responses to our survey and the results have inspired change in our community already. Read more 

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    Third Annual Art Award - More diverse than ever!

    The third annual Sanderson Alliance art show was a great success with contributions from students at Sanderson Middle School, Malak, Anula and Wulagi primary schools.
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    Hear what people in Sanderson said

    You are invited to come along on Friday 27 October to hear about the things people said and why. We will talk about what people have been doing in response to these conversations and explore what else our community can do to make the Sanderson area really great for all our children and young people.
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