Sanderson Alliance is a whole of community initiative formed to create the best life opportunities for more than 4,000 children and young people living in the Sanderson area.



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We are a community-led collective partnership between schools in the Sanderson area, parents, carers, schools, community services, government departments, businesses, churches, sporting clubs, cultural leaders and others. 

We work collectively through a structured form of collaboration called collective impact that has community voices, community engagement and capability-building at its core.

Together we are working to address the root issues in children's lives from 'cradle to career' that affect their life outcomes.  

We know that investment in early childhood, increasing access to education, enabling positive educational outcomes and preparing children for future employment are the best ways of enabling positive population shifts and breaking the cycle of inter-generational disadvantage.

We are guided by research into what works. We know that to help children and young people learn and thrive from ‘cradle to career’ we need to work together to ensure sure that:

  • All our children are loved and safe
  • All our children have a positive sense of culture and identity
  • All our children participate and are included in the community
  • All our children experience the best quality learning 
  • All our children have the material basics of life
  • All our children are healthy